Olga Davydova - the photographer from Kuopio

About Olga

Hi! I am a photographer from Mikkeli and welcome to my website!

    Since my childhood I have been feeling passion for arts. Especially I enjoyed to create pictures of the world around me. I firmly believe in importance of showing the others the way I see the reality. This is what I am striving to achieve that through my photographs.
    Approximately five years ago after buying my first reflex camera I started to learn photography on my own. I watched a billion video lessons, participated in a different online courses. Of course, the most important part of education was practice. With a time I understood that I want to dig into photography more thoroughly. In 2016 I  entered the educational institution - Ingmanedu college in Kuopio. Along with my studies I gradually figured out some photography genres, such as architectural, concert, family and portrait photography, which are now my favorites. This doesn't mean at all that I don't like the other genres. Actually, I consider myself to be an all-round photographer, being able to shoot practically everything. Mostly prefer to work with natural light, however also shooting with flash. Constantly trying to take my photography skills up to the next level by searching for the new approaches. 
     Life is not standing still. Time is usually running so fast. Therefore my main goal as a photographer - to capture those unique, precious and important moments in a client's life. I am sure that after some time it will be great to remember the magic of those moments. If looking at these pictures can put a smile onto your face, I can be sure that my work has been done pretty right. 
      So, take your time to look through my photos if you haven't done that yet. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to book a photosession or to discuss something.
      Looking forward to meet you!