This is me

Well, hello there!

My name is Olga and I'm a photographer

The beautiful Finland has been home to me for a little bit more than six years now, but my native city - Saint-Petersburg - is and always will be in my heart. And my love towards photography is even bigger than the size of my home country 🙂

Living in Finland and travelling from time to time to Russia both give me a lot of inspiration as well as the differences between these countries. Finland has amazing nature, while Saint-Petersburg - has beautiful architecture. But most importantly, both countries are inhabited by interesting and nice people, also being the huge source of inspiration to me.

It's not just the nature and people that Finland has to offer. For instance, a huge amount of cool bands and musicians are from this small country. I had no other option but to become a concert photographer. Also from time to time there are interesting and exciting events going on here and there and I find it necessary to save the memories in photos, to catch the engaging atmosphere and the genuine emotions of the participants.

Besides carrying love towards photography I'm so into art in general. It is really difficult to choose my most favourite form of art, so I could say that I am in love with them all: literature, theatre, movies, sculpture, drawing, music - everything inspires me so much. 

When I'm creating my own art, the most important thing for me is to capture the precious and swift-flowing moments, the real expressions and the unique atmosphere around us. I love creating images that are showing the real world in front of my camera with the authentic emotions and personalities. 

I look forward to capture the priceless moments and memories for you! You can get in touch with me in various ways!