Kuopio Wine Festival 2018

Kuopio Wine Festival 2018

During last summer I got the opportunity to visit Kuopio Wine Festival and not only to listen to two of my favourite bands, but also to take pictures of the musicians and public. It was the second day of the festival and as during the day before it was raining, I was a little bit worried of getting wet and mostly feeling uncomfortable to shoot under the rain, but everything went very well, though it was still raining several times a day. But we even had a possibility to see rainbow in the sky, which, of course, brought some special atmosphere to Sanni’s concert, as it happened during her performance. But the day had started with the jazz event, when the area was open to everybody and harbour was crowded with people being eager to listen to the beautiful jazz music. Like a year ago Rauno Tikkanen Quartet was taking part and again Kristine Praulina was here too, but this time she was singing with the Maris Briezkalns quartet. And there was even more one more performer if to compare it to the previous year – Olli Soikkeli. Music was fantastic, children were playing, some people were even dancing, and the atmosphere was really amazing.

Then at about 16 the free-of-charge part of the event has finished and people left the territory. So as I was asked to leave it too. Waited outside at about an hour, sitting near the entrance, watching a lot new people to arrive by the entrance too. After a while when we got back to the territory, I decided to relax a little bit, as my leg was and is still hurting and it was kind of tough to stand for approx. 10 hours. But I was happy, because of the bands which were going to perform during this day. First band – Uniklubi, and actually I probably was waiting for their gig mostly. A few days back, while making post with their pics for Instagram, I started to count for how long I have been listening to them. Appeared that already for 9 years. Time is running so fast for sure… Their gig, as usual, was awesome, but it was harsh to watch it while strolling from one place to another as  I was searching for different corners etc. I do like to shoot concert pictures, however more often I stand at one point and it makes it easier to listen and to enjoy the atmosphere. But nevertheless, it was great, and I hope to see guys more often.

After them was Sanni‘s turn to go to stage. And it was actually better as I was expecting, because it is just not my style of music. Great for me it was, because this gig was very interesting to shoot. However, it was far more difficult than to take pics of Uniklubi, because crowd was growing bigger. Was waiting to The Rasmus with the slight fear because of the amount of people.

So, and the last and the probably the most expected gig of the day was The Rasmus. It was a long long time ago, I guess, maybe in 2009 I saw them live during Monsters of Rock in Saint-Petersburg. So long ago. And some day in the past they were also one of my favourites, and with their gig at Wine Festival, they put me into the nostalgic mood, I was actually so happy to see them. Was a bit unexpectedly to heard “In the Shadows” so soon, but it didn’t matter at that time.. Even the newest songs sounded pretty great, so that I decided to listen to them afterwards.

Overall, the day was long enough to get tired, but still awesome and enjoyable: listened to favourite bands, took a bunch of pictures, enjoyed sun and rain. Hopefully the next year there will be also such a good line-up as during this summer. Thanks to Kuopio for organizing this type of the event and for organizers for making this event and my dream possible. See you!

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