Heart with holes / sydän, jossa on tehty reikiä

P.A.I.N. (maybe not be for a weak-nerved)

Pain is an unpredictable sensation. It does not make any distinctions between people of different age and occupation. Nationalities, skin colours, religions, political views, behaviour – everything – does not matter for it. It just comes from nowhere all of a sudden and exists along with us. And day by day we are bearing it and living with it. Oh, I guess, I should have mentioned that I am writing not only (and mostly not) about physical pain..

Each of us is having own pain limits, views towards pain and own ways to deal with it. Some of us can be very sensitive and take everything too hard – when somebody hurts us, we can’t concentrate on anything, we can just stay in bed crying for a long period of time. Sometimes we are even having hysterics and it is very tough to regain temper. Sometimes we can’t overcome this pain without somebody’s help. Others, who are not so sensitive or just do not want to waste their time have their own approaches. But I, honestly, belong to the first group of people.

After some time and after certain circumstances in own life, I have decided to fulfill my first own serious photography project, in which I tried to include story-line, feelings, atmosphere. Hopefully, I succeeded in it.

So, I dedicate this project to everyone, who have felt pain at least once in a lifetime.

P.s. In process of shooting was no harm done. Trust me


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